Anna Kallschmidt, M.S.

Anna has been a teacher since starting her own piano business when she was 12. Since then, she has acquired six years of academic experience via research, teaching, advising, and tutoring.

Anna uses both qualitative and quantitative methodology to answer questions regarding how social class  influences workplace behavior and relationships. Her research has identified a low-income background as a stigmatized identity in the workplace. Additionally, her research has shown social class background as an identity that influences employees’ experiences in the workplace, even after they experience social mobility. Her current work is answering questions regarding how White men from low-income backgrounds view social mobility ideologies. She is also interested in examining how social class background impacts knowledge of workplace norms.

Anna also has three years of applied psychology experiences and one year of federal government service, including an employee engagement project, competency modeling, diagnostic research, interview and quantitative measure design, and organizational coaching. She is currently employed by Stanford University as the Field Training and Personnel Manager for the American Voices Project. In addition to her employment and Ph.D. program, Anna is the creator and current author of Project GLOW’s blog on how organizational science can eradicate poverty internationally.

Her goal is to merge her passion for social justice and social mobility with her applied experience by designing and implementing organizational trainings and policies that promote equal and fair workplaces regardless of social class background.


Phone: (850)838-7647


Curriculum Vitae



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Industrial and Organizational Psychology, minor in Quantitative Methods (May 2022, expected)

Florida International University

Master of Science, Industrial and Organizational Psychology (June, 2018)

Florida International University

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, minor in Mass Communications (May, 2015)

University of South Florida

Undergraduate Dual Enrollment-50 College Credits

North Florida Community College (January 2010-April 2012)

Anna (right) at USF graduation with her labmates from the Alliance Suicide Prevention Lab


Kallschmidt, A., & Eaton. A. A., (2018). Are lower social class origins stigmatized at work? A qualitative study of social class concealment and disclosure among White men employees who experienced upward mobilityJournal of Vocational Behavior. doi:10.1016/j.jvb.2018.08.010

Ketring, E., (2017). An angel of the beatitudes: Finding faith after the loss of a child. A.M. Kallschmidt (Ed.). United States: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Manuscripts Under Review

Kallschmidt, A.M., Mesmer-Magnus, J., Viswesvaran, C., & Deshpande, S. Evaluation of cross-cultural training: A review. Dan Landis (Ed.), Handbook of Intercultural Training. Cambridge University Press. (Accepted, awaiting publication.)

Kallschmidt, A.M., Eaton, A.A.., An Outsider-within: Identities of low-income background White men at work.


Kallschmidt, A.M., (2020, December). After the wages are won: The behavioural influence of a low-income background after social mobility. Invited oral presentation to be given at the Centennial Congress of Applied Psychology, in Cancun, Mexico.

Kallschmidt, A.M., Vaghef, K., & Eaton, A.A. (2020, August). Do social class background and work ethic beliefs influence the use of flexible work arrangements? Poster to be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association (Division 14), in Washington, D.C.

Kallschmidt, A.M., (2019, October). Social class background: An invisible workplace identity, culture, and stigma. Invited talk given at the U.S. Government Accountability Office’s Applied Research and Methods Team’s Brown Bag Series, in Washington, D.C.

Eaton, A. A., Kallschmidt, A. M., Jackson, S., Saunders, J., Jacobson, R., & West, K., (2019, September). Workplace discrimination at the intersection of race and gender. Invited talk given at the Interdisciplinary Committee on Organizational Studies (ICOS) speaker series at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Kallschmidt, A.M., & Eaton, A.A., (2019, June). Power, (in)visibility, and hypervisibility in the context of work. Oral symposium at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social issues Conference, in San Diego, CA.

Kallschmidt, A.M., Williams, W.R., & Eaton, A.A., (2019, June). Identities and Ideologies of White Low-Income Men after Economic Mobility. Oral presentation at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social issues Conference, in San Diego, CA.

Kallschmidt, A.M., Le Sante, D., & Viswesvaran, C., (2019, May). Mentor Matching Based on Occupational Interest. Poster presented at the Association of Psychological Science Annual Convention, in Washington, D.C.


Kallschmidt, A.M. & Eaton, A.A., Williams, W.R., (2018, June). An outsider-within: Identities of low-income background White men at work. Poster presented at the Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues Conference, in Pittsburgh, PA.

Kallschmidt, A. M. & Santana, D., (2018, April). Cross-cultural storytelling: How to navigate the American workforce culture. Invited oral presentation at the Florida International University Engineering Center’s Hurricane Banquet.

Kallschmidt, A. & Eaton, A.A. (2018, April). Social Class Disclosure. Poster presented at the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologist’s Conference, in Chicago, IL.

Kallschmidt, A. M. & Eaton, A.A. (2018, March). Is low social class a stigmatized identity at work? Oral presentation delivered at the Graduate Student Appreciation Week Scholarly Forum, Florida International University, Miami, FL.

Research Experience

Graduate Research-Florida International University Power, Women, and Relationships Lab (2016-present)

Research Assistant-University of South Florida Alliance and Suicide Prevention Lab (2014-2015)

Scholarships, Honors, Awards, and Fellowships

American Psychological Association’s Community of Socioeconomic Status’ Leadership Award ($500)

Fall 2018 Department of Psychology SEED Funding ($1,680)

Accepted into 2018 Southern Management Association Doctoral Consortia ($500)

FIU 2018 Graduate and Professional Student Committee Travel Award

2017 Academy of Management Research Methods Division Consortium

FIU 2017 Graduate and Professional Student Committee Travel Award

FIU Teaching Assistantship ($19,194 per year)

USF Honors Scholar ($2,500)

USF Directors Award ($9,000)

UG Honors-GR Course Award ($501.12)

Florida Academic Scholars ($9,377)

W.A. Cash Historical Society Scholarship ($1,000)

Perry Rotary Club Scholarship ($2,000)

USF College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List, Fall 2012, Spring 2014, and Fall 2014

North Florida Community College 2011 History Award

Applied Experience

Field Training and Personnel Manager, the American Voices Project– Stanford University, Center on Poverty and Inequality (March 2020-Present)

Analyst-U.S. Government Accountability Office (February 2019-February 2020)

  • Healthcare Team (November 2019-present)
  • Education, Workforce, and Income Security Team, February 2019-November 2019

Training and Research Assistant-FIU Metropolitan Center (August 2018-January 2019)

Training: Organized and facilitated 25 organizational trainings encompassing 185 hours of training for a total of 238 trainees

Research Projects:

  • The Status of Women in Miami-Dade County: Economic Opportunity Analysis: Quantitative project to compare gender equity in education, economic, and safety outcomes.
  • Florida Department of Transportation: Qualitative analysis of employee data for leadership, training, and resources
  • Citizen’s Independent Transportation Trust (CITT): Developed report on annual transportation directives

Training and Development Intern-The City of Coral Gables (May 2018-July 2018)

Project Consultant-Florida International University Talent Management & Development Department (January 2018-April 2018)

I/O Consulting Intern-Florida Beauty (January 2017-April 2017)

Learner Services Advisor-Ultimate Medical Academy (2015-2016)

Group Counselor-Pinellas County Public Defender’s Office (2015)

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant/Lab Instructor-Florida International University

August 2016-August 2018

PPE 3003 RVAA: Theories of Personality (1 section; 60 students)

Summer A, 2018

PSY 3213: Research Methods in Psychology

Fall 2017 (2 sections; 24 students each; Managed two research projects)

Spring 2018 (2 sections; 24 students each; Managing 10 research projects)

EXP 3523: Memory and Memory Improvement

Fall 2016 (73 students)

Spring 2017 (68 students)

Summer A, 2017 (68 students)

EXP 4204: Sensation and Perception

Fall 2016 (62 students)

Spring 2017 (66 students)

ESOL Tutor-Hillsborough County Adult Education Center

Fall 2014 (10 foreign language students)

Statistics and English Tutor-North Florida Community College

June 2010-January 2011


Intro to Digital-Google, June, 2018

Accepted into FIU’s Intro to Technology course to develop digital skills in marketing and business growth, May-June of 2018

Structured Interview Training Completion, Interview Right, January 2018

Completed training in job and task analysis, KSAO development, competency modeling, and designing interview questions

TEFL/TESOL Certification, International TEFL Academy, November 2014

150 credit hours of course work, 20 hours of practicum

30 credit hours specialty in “Teaching English to Young Learners and Business Professionals”

Professional Memberships

Association of Psychological Science

Project GLOW

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues

Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists

Community Service

Creator and Author of GLOW’s Monthly Research Blog, and creator and social media manager for GLOW’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages (June 2018-present)

Graduate Member of FIU Industrial-Organizational Psychology Club (January 2017-present)

2018 SIOP Shaken & Stirred Volunteer (April 20th, 2018)

Social Media Coordinator-Graduate Advisory Board, (October 2017-March 2018)

Campus Representative-Association of Psychological Science’s Student Caucus (September 2017-August 2018)

2018 FIU Career Fair Volunteer (February 7th, 2018)

Poster Presentation Judge-Fourth Annual FIU McNair Scholars Research Conference (October 2017)

2017 SIOP Student volunteer (April 27, 2017)

Graduate Program Representative- (February 22nd, 2017; April 6th, 2017)

Mentor-Take Stock in Children Program(September 2014-January 2015)

Volunteer-Project Downtown (August-December 2012)

Volunteer-New Life Village (October 2012)